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Wild Columns

Wild Columns

Original, Fine Liner & Acrylic, Framed,
35.5cm 30.5cm
Price: £800.00
They looked at each other, they looked into each others eyes each day until the night came and they'd close them, their long hair created hills where people lived, without being disturbed by the beauty of those wild columns. Wandering souls who remained clinging to the earth, abandoned by the stars that had left, but they were not sd, they felt no pain at all as they watched as life thrived in thier tufts, as the forests rose and covered thier feet. They felt that they should remain in that world and grant their wisdom to endure in time, but it was only a matter of time before the conflicts between the inhabitants of both hills commenced. Each had its own interests, land, minerals or woood, no matter what it was , but they began to become more violent day by day. The poor goddesses, who clung to the ground so as not to make those beings who had created life in thier hair tremble, they felt fury. And it was when they began to move, to walk, to shake the houses whose bricks broke, breaking the branches of the trees, leaving behind at last that lost civilization. They took hold of their hands and left so hard that they left that land, to seek among the stars a home without violence. 


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