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Was it that something happened or that nothing did

Was it that something happened or that nothing did

Original, Mixed Media on Wood, 59cm x 84cm
Price: £1,350.00
'Was it that something happened or that nothing did – NYC Underpass'
Ben hopes that people will see their own stories in his works. Deliberately playing with forced perspective through the artwork, he draws our eyes down the central corridor. There are explorations of light and dark and deliberate observations of symmetry throughout the composition. This runs both left to right with cold light versus warm and top to bottom, exploring the harmonious beauty of the lines of the marked crosswalk reflected against the spans and girders of the bridge above.
The scene has traditional American cultural references. Yet even if these did not exist, the very identity of a nation can often be inferred by its street furniture and infrastructure. For many, it inspires a nostalgic view of their own personal associations with a place or time. Ben attempts to offer a view into a scene that is not our own and is particularly interested in the story playing out within the scene.


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