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If you engage with life that's what happens

If you engage with life that's what happens

Original, Mixed Media on Wood, 42cm x 59.4cm
Price: £750.00

‘If you engage with life that's what happens – Salford Motorway Bridge’

In a world with regular stimulation and entertainment in the palm of our hand it can be easy to not look up. As a result, we can often miss the beauty of the world before us. This scene, featuring a motorway bridge, carpark and car may at first seem mundane. However, mundane and regular things have their own kind of allure. Ben enjoys watching the world around him, celebrating the everyday beauty and joy in the little things. Often, what we see can depend largely upon what we look for.  Through these works Ben is attempting to capture things that are regularly unseen or overlooked. When viewed this way, not only is there a raw beauty to the infrastructure but the utilitarian nature of bollards, posts and pillars end up offering comfort when we realise they are there to protect us.


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