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Bezold Blue and Prime Numbers

Bezold Blue and Prime Numbers

Screen Print, Framed, 51cm x 51cm
Price: £135.00

Firstly, I wanted to see how primary colour interacted with the colour black.  Wilhelm Von Bezold realised that black can make most if not all colours (including the colour black) of equal amounts stand out and seem deeper and more saturated when placed directly next to each other. The purpose of the experiment was to see if certain primary colours worked better than others. 

The image is split into four segments with each segment looking at basic principles of design.  The first segment looks at inter-linked big and small objects, followed by heavy and light objects. The next set is randomly grouped items in one corner, with the final segment or grouping drawing attention to more ordered/perpendicular shapes. 

What is more, all shapes/objects/images are grouped in a series of prime numbers. I wanted people to see if prime numbers could influence and aid fundamental elements of design. We are aware that the golden ratio and odd numbers have traditionally influenced art and design, however maybe broader mathematics could also inspire creativity.




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