Hope Art Publishing


Original, Fine Liner & Acrylic, Framed 41 x 30.5cm
Price: £800.00
"There was once a story of a young woman named Isabella, her long mane made her spend most of the day braiding her hair. She loved flora and nature, she lived between two worlds, heaven and earth. Her mind was able to decipher the paths between them, and with some courage she could walk through the clouds. Who was she, she able to overfly the sky? A strange and beautiful princess of the wind, she sought amongst the flowers answers to her uncertainty, to her innocent child like questions but unfortunately they were rarely answered. Bella, the young woman who could light a candle by the moon and watch as the fire faded silently as the sun returned, a young woman who could decipher her own path. Beautiful inside and out, capable of being herself."


Hope Art Publishing, Redbrick,
2nd Floor
218 Bradford Road, Batley,
West Yorkshire, WF17 6JF




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