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Roo Waterhouse | West Yorkshire

Roo Waterhouse


Hebden Bridge painter Roo Waterhouse’s novel and intriguing ‘Shelf-Portraits’ celebrate the significance of treasured books, from leather-bound tomes to bestseller paperbacks.


Roo's ‘Shelf-Portrait’paintings are insightful and different; acolourful glimpse into different lives. She is particularly enamoured with the way that we all bring our own story to the reading of a book, and each take a different story away. 


With an eye for detail, Roo’s oil paintings observe the paraphernalia of lifeand appreciate our relationship with the familiar artefacts in our everyday surroundings. Whether cherished or ignored, the belongings we accumulate in our homes resonate with their own stories and together form an echo of personal and family identity.


Over the last eight years Roo Waterhousehas established herself as a figurative painter with a fascination for domestic narrative, exhibiting widely across the North of England and London. Her paintings are collected around the country.





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