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Maggie Robinson

Throughout my life, I have always clung to the philosophy that if I am prepared to work really hard at something then I stand every chance of achieving my dreams – even if it means soldiering on for a lifetime!

The early years of my youth were filled with music and dance. I trained as a teacher of physical education and taught this with music in secondary schools for several years before having my family. I played the piano from a very young age and later after the relatively early death of my mother I bought myself a viola and worked tirelessly to become accomplished enough to be able to play in a string quartet which I did and loved!

There came a time however when I realised that the physical limitations I had playing a large instrument were going to hinder my progress and enjoyment of pursuing my music any further, so I made a conscious decision to be satisfied with all that I had learned and switched to my other passion, painting, which had been nurtured in minor ways since A Level days.

For me it is all about looking, learning, studying and practising. I have been on many courses and studied with some renowned tutors but I seriously needed to find my own path, make my own mistakes, struggle through the frustrations, and seek out the relevant information and inspiration as it was required and I have been on this journey for many years. I continually strive to create each piece of work with that indefinable ‘Maggie’ expression that I hope gives life to each piece created in ‘The music of the landscape'.

With my artist husband Brian, I have taught artists from many parts of the globe both in our own home studio and on painting holidays in the UK, France and Portugal, but now it is time to focus on the development of my own project which requires all that hard work! I do run workshops or give talks to art groups when invited which I still thoroughly enjoy.

I am represented by a number of Galleries for which I am extremely grateful and as a member of Peak District Artisans I also have some excellent opportunities to exhibit in prestigious venues and events with so many extremely talented artists and designer-makers. I have been delighted also to have exhibited with the Society of Women Artists both in Westminster and the Mall Galleries for many years and more recently with The Royal Society of British Artists also in their Annual Exhibition in the Mall Galleries.




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