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Linda Southwell


As a child I had the freedom of growing up on a dairy farm. We were always outside and were very connected to the land and nature; we respected it and never tired of its beauty. My mum passed on her knowledge of plants and wildlife to us, so as an adult I fine that experiencing nature makes me feel calm and connected and I want my work to allow people an opportunity to stop and to contemplate as one does on a walk or in a garden. I identify heavily with the English romantic poets, such as Wordsworth, who celebrated the English landscape with an almost ‘religious’ awe. We all need to value our environment more. 

I ‘invent’ my sculptural, floral ceramics from memories of real plants. In developing my own gardens over the years I have a good understanding of plants and their forms. In my studio there is very little ‘equipment’ and every element of my work is made by hand, including the application of each individual petal. I used to glaze my work but it obscures some of the intricate details. 

I love my garden and through the dark winter months yearn to be outside, these sculptures are a way of bringing the outside in and giving a permanence to otherwise ephemeral natural forms. 




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