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Inner Finn Ceramics | Cheshire

Inner Finn Ceramics
I make tactile, refined slip cast objects that are uniquely
decorated and handmade from start to finish. I have
complimentary ranges of drinking vessels inspired by winter
landscapes and sculptural pieces inspired by seascapes tied
together through the monochrome colour palettes and
expressive mark making. The sculptural work is designed so
that each piece stands alone as a vessel, whilst some
interlock to create sculptural stacks.

I work mainly with porcelain, fired in oxidation to 1260o C. I
complete the whole process of turning plaster masters, mould
making, production of slip and slip casting by hand. The
drinking vessels are glazed whilst the sculptural vessels are
unglazed but hand polished to give a satin smooth finish. The
colour comes from the addition of oxides and pigments to the
casting slip.

My work explores the tension of opposites between control
and chance, between soft form and hard materials and
between fleeting movement and stillness. I seek to capture
quietness and offer a moment of stillness amongst the bustle
and constant noise or modern living. I enjoy walking the line
between sculpture and function, sometimes combining the
two, in a desire to create objects that want to be touched,
loved, and used.



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