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The Marmara Sea

Based in the north of England, Guy has lived and worked in several countries, but for the last two years has returned to North Yorkshire to work full time as a photographer.

Most exhibitions of his work so far have been predominately landscapes, but displayed here is a more diverse type of work, including some of his earliest and favourite images. Diversity is the key word, with no preferred subject or style, just a constant hunting for interesting images to capture. Documentary and street photographers such as Martin Parr and Vivian Maier are influences, both of whom look for the overlooked and sometimes absurd sights in daily life. Even with landscapes, he tries to avoid cliche, and prefers to capture scenes that show them in their contemporary state, attempting to provide a beautiful image but at the same time show a specific time and place. For instance, in this collection, the photograph of Redcar steel mill is a good example of that, as the mill shut down just a few months after the photograph was taken, and so will never be photographed working again.

Simple, observational, humorous, and without pretension, he hopes these off-beat images will be appreciated by a wide variety of people.




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