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Gina Parr Photography

In 2010/11 whilst travelling in France, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, Parr started photographing marks on walls and surfaces as her way of ‘painting’ with her camera whilst on the move. In March 2013 she returned from two months photographing a new series of work, Horizon, which was taken, paradoxically, in the overpopulated and chaotic streets in Southern India. Photographed because of their inherent illusion of horizon and landforms, these chance marks and textures, some of which have been laid down by others with previous intent, become chimerical worlds and fictional places. Both her painting and photography uncover our complex potential connections and disconnections with form and landscape; the fine line between pure abstraction and figurative recognition. She also found a symbiosis between her photography and her painting, resulting in work that she hopes will provoke our capacity to imagine a space beyond our known territories.

Photographs printed on 310 gsm Hahnemuehle Engraving Paper using Archival Inks.




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