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Emma Oughtibridge | West Yorkshire

Emma Oughtibridge
My starting points are often rooted in my local environment and include rock forms, cobbles emerging through tarmac, quarries, stone walls, old buildings, aged surfaces and other structurally interesting forms. However, as principally an abstract painter, my work is composed in an abstract way and I am led instinctively by colour and mark. 

Ideas are mainly expressed through rich layers of oil paint, and personal meanings can be found inscribed, scratched or defined upon or under surfaces. My interest often wanders to my treasure chest of mixed media: existing ideas to be remade into new. It is an alluring source of excitement, and gives my work an experimental feel. 

I love the contrast of direct mark with the evocative nature of floating forms. In addition, I use print to add structure; tinted transparent glazes to harmonise; and collage to introduce contrast to the composition. Many pieces have detailing scratched through surfaces. It may appear random, but every mark is considered. There is a constant struggle within each piece to bring balance: paintings run away with themselves into areas of complexity and simplicity. Edges are lost and found again. A love of the warmth of gold leaf is a reoccurring theme in my work. 

After completing a Fine Art BA (Hons), I graduated from Brighton University as an Art & Design tutor in 2000. I exhibit widely and successfully sell work privately. I moved to Holmfirth from London in 2005 to set up a studio. Prior to this, I taught as a Head of Art. At the moment I teach Art at Rochdale Sixth Form College, alongside working as a practicing artist. My studio is based at Radiant Works, Huddersfield.


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