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Dean Kemp | West Yorkshire

Dean Kemp

Dean Kemp (b.1975, Leeds) is a self taught contemporary sculptor based in West Yorkshire. Formerly a welder Kemp has an innate creative ability coupled with a deep appreciation and understanding of the human figures he sculpts. 

Describing his own work as ‘arcane and brooding’ Kemp’s sculptures carefully balance an exploration of society, both social and political, with a wry sense of humour. Evident in past works such as ‘Devolution,’ inspired by Rodin’s  ‘The Thinker,’ Kemp cleverly combines a visual intensity with a profound questioning of mans search for happiness, and the loss of it in modern times; the full breasted, gas-masked wearing ‘Nymphs of Eden’ lounge together depicting a world of greed and mass fear and the more recent ‘Empire’ presents Kemp’s thoughtful questioning of what it means to be British in the 21st century.

Kemp’s mixed media sculptures are powerful and robust in their stature; they hold an alluring quality and his keen eye and attention to detail set his work apart from his contemporaries. Each one of Kemp’s sculptures is deeply rooted in his life experiences, from a childhood in Leeds to his early career working with metal, Kemp has and continues to draw on the everyday with imaginative uniqueness and ingenuity. 


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