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Bob Thompson | West Yorkshire

Bob Thompson

I have always been involved with art and after a career in Local Government decided to pursue my interest in art.  I was offered a place at Bradford Art College as a mature student.  I was awarded a B.A. (Honours) in Art and Design and went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Fine Art. 

When not painting I spend time walking the Pennine Hills and Moors.  The paintings in this exhibition are a dedication to the Pennine landscape. They originate from walking the paths and tracks which traverse the hills and moors from Haworth to Holme Moss.  Such walking and exploration offers escape and a sense of freedom while following many of the old paths and pack horse ways.  During this exploration it is often the sky that dominates the landscape. The land is insignificant with the overwhelming presence of a threatening storm. My work originates from recording such conditions.  It is also a dedication to those hardy sheep which survive such conditions and kept me company when I needed it.  

As consequence, this allows the harmonisation of my walking and artistic interpretation of the Pennine hills and moors.




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