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Anja Percival | County Durham

Anja Percival
Anja Percival is a printmaker who is fascinated by the different atmosphere that light creates in our environment. Using variations in light, form, texture and colour to reveal a whole new level of stimuli of the places Anja has experienced.
During Anja’s stay in Denmark, she was hugely inspired by the foreign surroundings. The work became heavily influenced by the more ‘urban’ within which she lived, upon returning back to Durham, Anja is still very interested in the depiction of the urban that are infiltrated by the different qualities of light. Whilst still using techniques she was introduced to in Denmark, her more recent works incorporates locations closer to home, her subject matter usually being seen as relatively ordinary- referencing to natures sublime quality, drawing on impressions from Durham, Newcastle and even inside her own home.
The art works aim to combine different moods of light with contrasting space and surface qualities, frequently choosing to work with spaces that do not include the human figure. Anja works with a variety of etching techniques, hand-drawn and created by working directly onto the copper plate with a wax pencil. Rarely starting with line, Anja instead focuses on the highlights within the image using further techniques that build on the areas that will remain light causing a relatively subdued colour pallet. She feels that the use of a stronger colour palette would detract the viewers’ attention from subtle tonal variations that she bases her practice on. Then during the painting process, she applies ink in a painterly fashion that allows the user to vary the density and colour.
Anja is a full-time artist who works self-employed, taking pride in running her own printmaking studio in Fowlers Yard, Durham.



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