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Sonje Hibbert
Werxzovart, the pseudonym for artist Sonje Hibbert,  was originally established in 1996 when living on the wild Atlantic cliffs of West Penwith, Cornwall. As a misfit of the world here is an individual who takes solace from the surrounding world, in her escape to the bleak and barren moorlands up on high. Or at least tries to…

Sonje has spent decades exploring and recording her emotional relationship to landscapes and cultures through painting, photography, sculpture and clay. Never one to shy away from taking risks, it remains to be answered whether her journey is nature or nuture driven. Taken on the road in the early 1970′s aged eight, overland through India, Afghanistan and Iran in the beat up family Peugeot Estate car certainly set the scene for her adventures in later life!

By the early 1990′s, after an epic five year meander around S. E Asia and Australasia in her twenties, most of Sonje’s paintings were exhibited and sold in the West Country region of England. It was during this time a stronger interest in ceramics and sculpture started to develop. Explorations of figurative work in the late 1990′s fused a fascination of Eastern and African Cultures with more traditional W. European styles. The sensual and at times slightly erotically charged ceramic sculptures of the female form, whilst being tactile and often humorous, on a more serious note attempted to portray the identity and cliches that surround the Western perceptions of the female form.

Since gaining an MA with Distinction in 2003  new avenues for both sculptural and 2D work began to develop. The main focus has been large scale and the language of the materials being used. Working from vast and dramatic landscapes such as Hampi – India and barren moors of Dartmoor and West Yorkshire, Sonje has managed to find method to her madness. She now creates both ceramic pieces and large scale paintings and triptych that reflect her passion for these wild emotive places. These places where sanity is restored. Even though some may argue with that…



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