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Lindsay Norman | West Yorkshire

Lindsay Norman

I have always had the need and maybe even a compulsion to create.

There are certain animals that fascinate me. I aim to capture their essence, showing their fragility, vitality and strength through my work. Simplicity can be quite striking. A bold line or a confident mark can have great impact on its own. A subtle use of negative space reflects a certain clarity of thought and often creates a narrative.

I am currently working with charcoals and have found they have allowed me to develop and evolve as an artist.

My aim isn’t to capture a realistic photographic reflection of a subject but to emotionally connect with the viewer through the works balance of abstraction, atmosphere and mood. I find that suggesting an animals’ energy with messy gestural lines makes for a more interesting piece.





Hope Art Publishing, Redbrick,
The Mezzanine
218 Bradford Road, Batley,
West Yorkshire, WF17 6JF




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