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Cheryl Van Goethem | Wales

Cheryl Van Goethem
Through experimentation Cheryl has developed a method of enamelling onto industrial steel pipes using vitreous enamel in an original and contemporary style. She uses liquid enamel combined with mark-making to express the sounds of the natural environment and recreate a sense of place and the passage of time.

‘My love of glass and metal brought me to enamel which is the perfect alchemy of the two. To be able to use metal as my form and ‘paint’ with a liquid form of glass has opened up many and varied avenues of exploration. Liquid enamel as a contemporary medium of expression is in its infancy, relatively speaking, which combined with mark-making techniques, gives me the ideal opportunity to create original and expressive artwork.'


Hope Art Publishing, Redbrick,
The Mezzanine
218 Bradford Road, Batley,
West Yorkshire, WF17 6JF




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